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Uniform Policy


The goal of the Mt. Airy Christian Day School’s dress code is that students present themselves in a clean and neat manner as a representation of Mt. Airy Christian Day School. While we recognize the uniqueness of each student and seek to develop individuality, it is also important for each student to understand the concept of appropriate dress for particular situations.

Fall/Winter for Boys

Gray pants

White Polo shirts with the Mt. Airy Christian Day School logo. Uniform pants must be steel gray.  Black Velcro shoes. Dark blue cardigan.

Warmer weather Uniform for Boys


Steel gray bermuda shorts, white knee high socks, white polo with black Velcro shoes.

Fall/Winter uniform for girls


Steel gray jumper, white blouse, white or gray cable knit stockings, blue cardigan and black or navy blue Mary Jane Shoes. 

Warmer weather uniforms for girls


Steel gray skirt, skort or Bermuda shorts, with knee high white or gray cable knit knee high stockings, polo white shirt and black Mary Jane Shoes. 

What age group can wear uniforms?


Ages 3 to Kindergarten are asked to wear uniforms. Uniforms are mandated and are restricted to only the required colors. Children can not wear uniforms with multicolored stockings, tights or leggings. Children can wear SOLID color leggings in white, black or navy blue. Must be clean, in good condition, and worn as specified. Skirts, culottes, jumpers, pants, and shorts are to be appropriately sized, worn from the waist, and not shorter than mid-kneecap.

Blouses and shirts are to be tucked in.

Only a plain white t-shirt, undershirt, or camisole is to be worn under shirts. White  Turtlenecks may be worn. Jackets, windbreakers, and coats are to be worn only outdoors. Snowboots are only to be worn outside. No open toe shoes, or sandles.

Pants may not be worn under skirts or jumpers. Girls are encouraged to wear black bike shorts under skirts or jumpers. Jewelry is not allowed. Children can dress down on Dress Down Days for $1.00. Otherwise they must be in uniform.